Old Providence Island was just completely destroyed by #HurricaneIota - my home, and 98% of all houses were decimated by the storm. We have never seen such devastation in our history. 

💙i have taken it upon myself to move some resources and funds to help rebuild the island. It might take years to rebuild, but together we can make it happen, and help its people - my friends, family and loved ones- get back on their feet. Right now we need ALL the help we can get. 

By purchasing this limited edition pin  you are directly contributing to rebuilding the island, and all proceeds will be put towards helping its inhabitants regain their lives. The idea is to help out our fellow ONGs like @fi_providence and also to get our house @lillybayhouse up and running again so we can shelter friends and neighbors who’s homes were destroyed. We could potentially house 4-5 families. 


My heart weeps for Providency, my homeland, the place that raised me and where i hope to raise my own children someday.



#SOSPROVIDENCE Glow In The Dark Barracuda Enamel Pin

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