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Isabela Escobar

Demon-Slaying Illustrator Raised by Feral Possums

Freelance illustrator, painter and sculptor established in Miami, Florida, and currently  based in Santa Cruz, California with BFA's in Graphic Design and Visual Arts. Isabela's work primarily consists on illustrations that combine nature, mythology, and the divine feminine to create fantasy narratives that tantalize the viewers imagination.


Social Media

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Why Hire Me?

I create beautifully bizarre illustrations that take the viewer on a mythical trip

When you put your project in my hands, you can bet that you will have a fantastically weird, aesthetically unique, one-of-a-kind piece that will fill people with bewilderment and wonder.

Eyes will be caught, souls will be searched, and hearts will be grasped with raw emotion.

Capture Their Hearts

I have an intuitive understanding of current aesthetic trends and youth culture. Gotta stay up to date with art and fashion trends!


When we work together I'll feature the finished result on my social media profiles and on my site portfolio.

Your Products + My Art = $

A Pinch Of Magic

Every project that passes through me is infused with a magical quality: deep love for what I do. You know your baby is in the best hands.

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Thanks for submitting!

Get A Free Project Estimate Today!

Now What?

Now that you've submitted a form this is what you can expect next:

Once we talk about your project, the next thing you will receive is an invoice. You will be prompted to make a 50% non-refundable deposit to get workin'.

Next, I'll begin creating concepts. I will put together Moodboards, sketches, and references images until we agree on an idea which we will then start developing

Once we define a solid idea i begin drawing it out. It usually takes me around 2 weeks to complete a project. If you need it sooner, a rush fee of 70 dollars will be added.

Average Rates

Personal Work

Starting at $300 USD per design Custom-made portraits, gifts for your loved ones, even tattoo designs - made just for you!

Promotional Work

Starting at $500 USD per design

Illustrated ads, album and single cover art and influencer posts to grow your business.

Commercial Work

Commercial Use Starting at $1000 USD per design

+ 10% Royalty Payments per unit sold 

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